Identify Dyslexia Early:
Empower Your Child's Future

Understanding your child's learning journey is crucial. Early identification makes all the difference.

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Welcome to our online dyslexia test

A resource dedicated to helping parents recognise signs of dyslexia in their child

With our online test, you can take the first step towards empowering your child’s future. Whether you have concerns about your child’s reading skills or simply want to ensure their learning path is on track, our resources are here to guide you. 

We believe that access to essential resources should never be hindered by cost, which is why we’ve made our test completely free. Our goal is to empower parents with insights and understanding, providing a supportive step toward further evaluation and action. 

Take advantage of our tool today

Assessing your child with the online dyslexia test​

In our test, you’ll evaluate your child’s abilities across eight distinct categories:

    1. Recognising Letters: Observations on how your child identifies and works with individual letters.
    2. Knowing Sounds: Assessing your child’s ability to connect letters with their corresponding sounds.
    3. Reading: Insights into your child’s reading proficiency and specific difficulties they might face.
    4. Writing / Spelling: Analyzing your child’s writing skills and their common spelling errors.
    5. General Proficiency: Evaluating overall academic skills beyond just reading and writing.
    6. Love For Reading: Gauging your child’s enthusiasm and enjoyment for reading.
    7. Stress And Anxiety: Understanding the emotional impacts of learning challenges on your child.
    8. School Performance: Observing how dyslexia affects your child’s broader academic life.

After completing the test, if you’re considering further steps and seeking a formal diagnosis, we invite you to consult our blog about what to expect from a professional dyslexia assessment. This resource can provide you with additional guidance on navigating your child’s path to support and understanding.

Understanding the test

The test is here to help you find answers

While our test serves as a valuable resource, it’s important to recognize that it is not a diagnostic tool or a substitute for professional medical advice. It’s designed to help you, as a parent, gain preliminary insights and understand if there might be a need for a more in-depth evaluation. By offering this free resource, we hope to make the first steps in the journey toward support and solutions as accessible and informed as possible.

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